2 comments on “Anh hùng khó qua ải mỹ nhân

  1. Biet la the nhug lam the nao duoc. A ma Admin cho biet tai sao dua anh Thuy Top len bai nay nhi. Thuy Top luc nao cung la Numberone :D

  2. I’m a Vietnamese who has been studying in the U.S for one and a half years. I have some closed friends in the college. However, sometimes I feel pissed off when they call me Asian guy. I know they do not mean to offend me; they just want to make a joke. Therefore, I have came up with my blog http://www.easianheritage.com/ as a way to express Asian lifestyle. Take a look and tell me what you think.

    By the way, my wordpress-based blog runs perfectly on Firefox and Safari, but sucks on IE. It’s my biggest issue

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